Our family olive grove is located in the hilly region of Messara, a plain about 55 kilometers south of Heraklion, Crete, where most of the island's olive oil originates from.

It consists of about 5000 olive trees of Koroneiki variety that are exclusively organically grown. Their cultivation is carried out with the full support of our specialized agronomists that guarantees the best possible quality of our olive oil and a high olive tree yield.

Olives are harvested in October and November and they are brought to the olive mill within a few hours, where oil extraction is carried out promptly.

Kneading takes about 30 minutes and the temperature of the olive paste in the malaxation machines never exceeds 25oC to 27οC. A two-phase DECANTER centrifuge technology is used for oil extraction, so that all the quality characteristics of olive oil be maintained. The olive oil is then stored in a separate individual tank, where regular organoleptic and chemical tests are carried out to ensure its quality.

The olive trees in our olive groves are among the first ones on Crete to be cultivated and certified in accordance with DEMETER INTERNATIONAL Standards as defined by Biodynamic Agriculture. Moreover, the olive oil produced is certified by NATURLAND FAIR, a German certification standard for high quality organic products, as well as by the DIO Inspection and Certification Organization of Organic Products.